Energies… a series… Part 1: Subtle energies

Energies: Subtle energies
This is going to be a series on energies. I will try to make it such that regardless of your vibration, regardless on the level of your education, you will be able to get a glimpse into the invisible world of energies.

Make no mistake about it: energies are invisible. Just like light. You can only see the light’s effects… You don’t see light, you see the effect of it. But you can FEEL energy

If there is nothing to reflect it, to vibrate with it, you’ll see no light.

I am going to use examples, and you are going to “get it.” It will undo some of the misleading information you have been bombarded with.

And knowledge is power. My promise is that after reading this series you’ll have more personal power… Use it for good! Please.
Subtle energies… the energies of unconscious communication

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