What to expect after gene adjustment? What will change?

I offered free gene tree testing in yesterday’s article to people I already know. A lot of people resonated with the misbehaving genes, and wanted to know if their lives are not working, if they are not very happy and successful because of those misbehaving genes.

So I was testing that…  Your DNA tree. The genes that should turn on or turn off on their own, but they they didn’t.

The baby genes: Two genes (I call them baby-genes) that are very useful in babyhood that normally turn off at some point to make you responsible for your actions, make you someone who can become self-sufficient and productive in life. These genes normally turn off by school-age… but for many of you one or both didn’t turn off, and the gene(s) ‘on’ left you with a life you don’t love, left you with a self that is hard to love. It left you feeling and acting entitled and thus unable to take the actions necessary to create a life and a self you can love.
The permission gene: Another such gene isn’t on for a baby, because it would make the baby not want to be a baby, not want to remain dependent. I call that the permission gene. At some point in life, around 8-9 the gene should turn on, but for many of you it didn’t or hasn’t. It is a gene that prohibits the child to go too far from the parent, from the safety of the home… but later in life that ‘permission’ is crucial to allow you to be willing and able to explore, do new things, to enjoy life, and to grow yourself and your ‘playground’.

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