Reality for dummies… the inner reality

Life doesn’t seem to be nice to you. It doesn’t give you what you want, and it gives you a whole lot of what you don’t want.

But there is a science, a system of how to flip that over… and this is what this article is about…

The inner reality…

It’s not when you can talk about it. It is not when you understand. It is when you can actually SEE it happening, this is when consciousness may take over… and lead you to where your inner terrain can become more friendly to you.

You see, reality is hard to see.

Why? Because just like pin tumbler locks, with many pins that need to align, need to be picked, or need you to have the right key, can keep you out of your house, the many filters, the many members of your Team You, will all have a say in what you can see…

Team You is like any democracy: the voice of the stupidest is the loudest… just look at America.
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