What do you use to justify staying small?

This has been the question we’ve been asking, I have been asking, for about two weeks now, myself, and my students.

I could ask this question of any and all human beings, and would find some way.

The nature of Life is to grow, expand, but the behavior of modern human would indicate that the opposite is true, that the purpose of life is survival, that the purpose of life is looking good and making it. Watching human beings you would think that the less one grows the happier they will be.

I am reading Osho again, after making a brief detour to Ayn Rand and Aravind Adiga for a month or two. He spoke for some 35 years, and every talk he gave has been transcribed. A lot of talk, it is as if he blogged for 35 years. I have written 800 articles in the past 18 months, he gave hundreds and hundreds of talks to his followers.

He was an exception to the above “human” rule: he was growing, expanding, most of his life.

When I look at myself, I am often hesitant to act, hesitant to disagree publicly, and almost completely unwilling to negotiate. I feel frozen, and stiff, shrinking. It is as if my very life were threatened: I haven’t been able to see what is at the root of it, and I am both curious and terrified.

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