Postponement: are you guilty of it?

When I think about procrastination, I limit my thinking to stuff that I don’t do that has to be done, should be done.

Today I saw another category of stuff, that I didn’t know it was procrastination, because that is the below the water level of stuff I don’t do: postponement.

I am playing the Avatar Audio in the background, now 24/7. To my surprise, the water level seems to go down and more of the hidden stuff emerges.

You can’t catch what you don’t see… and I am seeing stuff I have never seen before, or if I have, just glimpses, you know the kind that you even wonder if you saw anything at all, or if it was a dream.

I am planning to move in a few months, and this is a great opportunity (albeit unpleasant!) to look at the stuff that has been neglected, postponed, not dealt with, swept under the rug, treated as if it didn’t matter or didn’t exist.

It is very un-guru-like, very not Avatar-like to have heaps of stuff swept under the rug, but truth is truth, and that is what I am starting to see.

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