Vibrational Reviews: Lola Jones, Kimberly McGeorge, and more

Lola Jones (DivineOpenings). Personal vibration: 200; truth value of teachings: 200Update 1/7/2015: Personal vibration: 170. Truth value of teachings: 1%… meaning: 99% is either b.s. or Tree of Knowledge.A reader asked about the 5-day silent retreat: here is what I found: vibration of the retreat: 140.  It is a nice way to spend five days, but the results are non-existent and non-lasting. Why? because the person and who she attracts are not really interested in doing the real work, and don’t have high enough vibration to do the real work.Enough said.
Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH – Access Consciousness …personal vibration: 170

Brent Phillips THETA healing using the muscles and mind. personal vibration: 180

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