The greased chute… or what is the fastest way to lose your vibrational frequency?

What is the fastest way to devolve… the greased chute to lose your vibration? To move yourself to the horizontal plane…

Sometimes I write articles to solve an issue for myself… Tai calls this chess-like assiduity… lol.
Sometimes I write articles to address and issue one or more clients are dealing with… and help them solve it for themselves. Because, remember, when things don’t go well… there is something that you don’t know/don’t see
And sometimes I write articles to prevent an issue for a client, and issue that is predictably coming.

This article fits category two and three… Some clients are struggling with an issue the other clients are about to encounter…
The issue is devolving. Greased chute to hell… Not a happy issue, is it?
So, let’s get starting.

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