More about the Avatar State audios and INSTRUCTIONS for use! Updated

More about the Avatar State audios

First off, the Avatar State: it’s a strong and wide connection. It is much like a wide laser beam, on one hand, that bores through obstacles.

What obstacles? Depending on your vibrational frequency (truth value) you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of obstacles… those are the standards, ideals, and “truths” you live and judge by.

I wrote a sentence in a recent article: “You can’t expect to be elegant in mind, elegant in spirit, if your environment isn’t.”

He read it and went into massive rage and fear, sent me 17 (I counted) emails to prove to me that I am wrong. His vibration is 170. Going into rages like this, fixed focus, nostrils flaring, being stuck and not able to look around, is an obstacle.

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