Talk Back To Me: Why and how do the harmonizing (Avatar State) audios work?

Question: You say: “Eliminate procrastination, discover your hidden self, Increase your awareness, discover your ability to think, see the big picture, activate your intuition, keep calm under pressure…”

Promises, promises, promises? Just by playing an audio in the background?! Is this a fraud? Or is this true?

And if it works, why does it work? How does it work? Please explain…

Answer: You may have heard about binaural beats. You may have heard about Holosync Technologies.

These two work through your auditory faculties. You need to hear them for these programs to work. Their similarity extends another step: they actually scramble your brain, so the status quo, the set way of thinking, the same old, same old gets stirred up.

If I could bring an analogy: You have your lawn overgrown. You get out your lawn mower and cut your grass. When you look afterwards, at the base of the grass, you see tiny little plants grow with tiny little flowers. Suddenly these little flowers get a chance to get a little sun, for a little while, until the grass grows and start suffocating them again.

Those little flowers represent the unused faculties of creativity, intelligence, courage, purposefulness, etc. When, by using these programs, your usual set-in-your-way thinking gets mowed off, something new can present itself, something that was suppressed before.

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