What’s your strategy? Do you have one?

What’s your strategy?

This is the most important question to ask yourself if you want to build a business, expand a business, or change a business. Or if you want to accomplish anything really… anything that requires more steps and more time that just making your bed in the morning.

What is a strategy?

According to the dictionary: a plan of action to achieve a major or overall aim or result

Strategy is essentially the bridge between where you are and your vision.

It’s also a narrative that takes the listener from how it is now through what it takes to get to the fulfillment of the plan: expanding, balding or changing the business or a project.

Unless it is clear for the listener that the actions listed in the narrative will surely get the speaker to the role, the likelihood of the goal to be accomplished is between zero and none. You can be both the speaker and the listener in this.
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