Remembering the future… or how to cause self-trust?

Remembering the Future…
What future? What remembering? What can it do? What is self-trust? Is it the same as self-esteem?

I have been watching, or better said, listening to videos of Jordan Peterson, and others that show up when I go to youtube… it seems that some thinking people are realizing that it will take some actions to turn all this craziness around.

Jordan Peterson, I am realizing, is a psychology professor… dabbling in pseudo science… and listening to him is not good for anyone… He can’t see the future…

Listening to an interview with Aldous Huxley was valuable in seeing that what he saw, in 1958 is spot on… it is already happening… He saw the future…

Probably the most valuable to me was research that couples disgust with certain personality… I am not ready to share what I see… until I see it clearly…

But for now, let’s see what remembering the future is about and how it can start straightening your life, how it can start empowering you, how it causes self-trust… and be prepared: it is counter-intuitive.
Remembering the future.
Sounds weird… how could you remember what hasn’t happened yet, but suppose that the theory is true that all past, present and future are happening all at once… but we only have perceptional access, through our perception organs, eyes, ears, touch, etc. to the present.

The past we store in the mind… and the future, as far as we are concerned, hasn’t happened yet.

But what if some part of the human brain can connect to that future and even get guidance from it, that are more useful than what you can hear from a teacher, from a guru, from a book, from anyone.

Why? Because that future self you connect to is you… and it has accomplished what you are yet to accomplish… success, health, happiness, fulfillment, a joyful life.

Is there such a future self? IS? you are asking… No is… but could be.

If you continue doing what you have been doing, the future is not going to be able to tell you how he or she got happy, fulfilled, accomplished… But that is the point. Unless you do different, the future is already written… and for most of us it is not a happy future.
Do… I said. Not believe, not imagine, not fantasize, not plan… DO. Action. Different action.
From where you are, in this very moment, there are infinite possible actions can take you to the next moment… And only some of those, followed by another lead to a future, where you are happy, fulfilled, etc.

We are going to pick, of all the possible futures, the one

where you have what you really want…
The future you really can have,
what is REALLY possible for you…
not the future you habitually imagine
not the future you you cannot actually live, because life, however we try to lie about it, does have some restrictions, some more severe than others.

Here is an off the wall example: if you were born female, even if you have a sex change surgery, you can’t father
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