What’s the difference between Ray and most people?

What is my biggest challenge based on my experiences with my non-producing clients?

First off: Not everyone is a non-producer… this guy, Ray is not one.

Here is his story of how he got hired for his dream job..

A decade or so ago Ray was a programmer, and he hated his job, hated his life. It needed none of his personality, which is often the reason you hate your job. I hated architecture mainly for the same reason…

One day he heard about the option to be a ‘sales engineer’, a sales person to sell software, technical stuff… Talking… yeah, that was more up his alley.

The interview was to do a sales presentation in front of two women…

He had his powerpoint ready…

His first slide said: Warning! This presentation includes subliminal messages. That got the two women puzzled…
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