Getting to Abundance one Step At A Time – Practicing The Feeling Of Freedom And Power Through Contributing To It

Churches, communities, etc. ask you to contribute. And you comply: you volunteer, you give away your old winter coat, you give food, or money.

But as in everything, context is decisive.

What’s the context in their request? That you support the less fortunate. There is morality: you can afford and therefore you should, and there is shaming… you don’t eat your food and little kids starve in Africa, or “be generous and earn the Kingdom of Heaven” b.s.

All of these make you a wretch. And not just you, anyone. Why? Because context is decisive.

Nature, trees, animals, do not willingly give what they have, unless they have a selfish reason for it. Not a feeling, but a direct benefit. And nature is fine, thank you, and no one suffers. No morality, no shoulds, just good old selfishness. Surprised? Good.

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