A is A. Aristotle was right. Ayn Rand was right. And we have been all wrong.

A is A.

We behave as if that were not true, if we yell loud enough, if we assert our claims enough, if we pretend that it’s a mistake, etc.

I see it on clients, students all the time.

I did a Bach profile for a brand new person this morning. His “linchpin” Bach Energy is the Peacock. Peacock is one of these “I deserve to be beautiful because I eat poisonous berries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” It is the 40th Bach Energy┬« Dr. Edward Bach didn’t find before he died. I did. I also found the Yew… #39. The toxic person. Desire to receive for the self alone…

If they listened to themselves they would say:… Are you crazy? Stop eating that stuff, it will kill you!

But no, they feel like a hero doing what they are doing. But they are dead, deadened heroes.

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