Why, in spite of a good process you are taught, you don’t live a transformed life?

So I am listening to the “itch” calls from 2014, and I am mortified at the level of transformation… It is near zero.
Sometimes I put the cart in front of the horse…
The insight (the horse) on the two selves that unless they become a team, no transformation can happen, came since I did those amazing Itch calls in 2014… so no wonder that the results are missing…

What am I talking about?

Your machine, your particular machine, was built based on an incident. Or better said: a decision you made by you (or accepted about yourself) as a child.

So far so good… but the process doesn’t stop there.
There is a series of “therefores”… behaviors, that come from that early decision, and all of them are ugly. Fake. Pretentious. All try to fix what wasn’t true to begin with.
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