Dreams: The difference between scary dreams and guiding dreams, fear versus intuition

I use everything for guidance. My method of guidance is one of the magicians of The Soaring Method use for guidance. (Carlos Castaneda demonstrates it well in his Journey to Ixtlan… He calls the two, signs and omen.) But the inner guide, the intelligence that you need to develop and then communicate with, the part of you that sees with 360 degree cone of vision, sees the Big Picture. Your intellect, your eyes, your mind can only see a narrow cone of vision.

Being guided, to see the signs, takes awareness, sober awareness. You can’t be sheep: you need to stay aware and awake.

One of the ways the Dark Side leads you is pretending to be guidance. Self-fulfilling prophecies, myths, superstition, dogmas, “everybody believes that!” is all Dark Side tools.

One of the guides I have is Rob Brezsny, a syndicated astrologist with a column in my local independent weekly.

I’ve made it a point, for the past 12 years, to read it every week. So far there have been three weeks where I could not see that the guidance was meant for me.

I use the weekly horoscope as my guide to do my spiritual growth work, and it has always added a fresh direction to my already wide cone of vision.

Here is my horoscope for this week:
Do you ever fantasize about a more perfect version of yourself? Is there, in your imagination, an idealized image of who you might become in the future? That can be a good thing if it motivates you to improve and grow. But it might also lead you to devalue the flawed but beautiful creation you are right now. It may harm your capacity for self-acceptance. Your assignment in the coming week is to temporarily forget about whom you might evolve into at some later date, and instead just love your crazy, mysterious life exactly as it is.
It’s right on: my job is to love me and my life… yaaaay!

In this quote from Rob Brezsny, he talks about dreams, guidance and intuition versus fear or omens.

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