Choice: Do you really choose everything that happens in your life?


We are told that we have free will. We are told that we have free choice. But we are never told what that means, so we are left with a childish or adolescent view of what we can and can’t do, what we have the power to do or not.

The childish/adolescent view is that it means that you have a license to do anything you wish, or refuse to do anything you wish.

Licentiousness is what makes government and police and laws necessary, the widespread view is that you are free to do anything, just don’t get caught.

This is now what free will or free choice implies, and this is how humanity lives today, bemoaning the fact that they were duped and there are boundaries, and other people that complain, or exercise their license to take yours… look at yourself instead.

If my hunches don’t lie, you would do the same thing if you had the courage… but you have chosen to be sheep, oh well.

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