Human DNA, DNA upgrade… did you get it? Did you want to get it? What the heck is DNA upgrade?

For most of my life I knew I could not care, but no matter how bad it felt, I still could not care. I thought I was the worst person alive, a bad bad bad person. I was sure everybody else could care, only I could not.

I didn’t know, that caring was not part of my DNA. But as I was raising my vibration, at some point I experienced caring, in a way I invented caring. Maybe I wasn’t the first person to care, but I was now part of a very small minority, the people who can care, who can love, who can respect. But I still didn’t know I was different… I thought I just became like everyone else, finally.

For the past 10 years I was trying to teach, train, people to be great, successful, expanding, happy… until I realized that they lacked capacities. Then I tried to activate those missing capacities… but you can’t activate that which you don’t have, doesn’t matter how hard you try. And I tried really hard.

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