Where do you look for signs of YOUR transformation?

When you have a transformation, where do you see it?

First off: did you or didn’t you have a transformation? Good question, right? Because, after all, you are still spending a lot of time in your head, you still have feelings you don’t like, and you are still not a millionaire, don’t bed young women, didn’t lose the extra 30 pounds… so how would you know if you had a transformation or not?

let me give you a few examples from my own journey of transformation.

After I did my very first program, 28 years ago, the whole office changed by the time I got back. People suddenly liked me, wanted to find out what I did, wanted to follow in my footsteps.Not only that: suddenly I was invited to places, people wanted to shake my hand. It was weird: I did the program and they changed. Strange.
After I did my second program, two years later, I noticed something even weirder: the weather changed. It became sunny, the clouds suddenly looked awesome, the trees were beautiful, and nice people were coming out of the woodwork… I had this guy volunteer to support me until I could establish myself, for nothing in return. Weird.

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