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lisa nichols creative visualization

Ideas are similar to a magnet, they attract compatible thoughts and circumstances. Thinking one kind of thought invites into the mind more similar thoughts and ideas. These thoughts tend to attract events that are in agreement with them. A crystal clear mental image broadcasts from the mind of the one thinking it, and is transmitted to other people.

Lisa Nichols Belfast Maine

Our thoughts and feelings, and the visualizations we watch in the mind, have an effect on our life. By modifying them we change our life. This means that we should be conscious with our thoughts and how we feel about them, or else we might just get things and go into situations that you don’t want, and in that case we will have to find ways to get rid of them. Better think and visualize what that we really truly want, and that will improve our life.

Your thoughts create your emotions. Your emotional states create your physical experience. The power of your intentions inform your actions and it shapes your future. Visualization may be used to cure and to alter your life and the world around you. The following sections will delve into creative visualization and it will give you insights into the wonderful world of reality manifestation, and the amazing potential of positive thinking.

Michael Jordan Creative Visualization

Your thoughts can come true! Not all thoughts of course, but those that are centered, distinct, and often-repeated often; for this reason, the advantages of making use of a vision board. It comes to be a tool that enables us to repeatedly inculcate our ideas and desires into the formless substance which then responds in kind by producing the manifestation of that strong thought.

Bad thoughts are based upon fear. Fear causes bad thoughts. As we already know believing in something will make it happen. If we give fear a chance, it will expand within us and will rob us from all. So if we fear we’ll have an accident it will probably happen. If we think our husband will abandon us it probably, by nature, happen. You have to eliminate negative thoughts.