Talk back to me: When I allow myself to feel my negative feeling…

A lot of people seem to wonder how they can avoid feeling negative emotions… They try to block them, get busy, take medication, self-medicate (alcohol and drugs) but the solution, as you will see, is counter-intuitive.

One of the Path Coaching students writes:
Hello Sophie

Thank you for last Friday coaching, after telling you what’s happened on that day regarding my husband, I have more clarity. After allowing myself to feel the pain and fear of the possible consequence of my text I now realize how much I love my husband and now appreciate him to be part of my life and my perception of him suddenly changed. Before this incident I was in a place where I wanted him out of my life.

I am just wondering Sophie, after the incident last Friday, I am now practicing allowing myself to feel whatever is the feeling at that moment especially the negative feelings; before that I will always found a way to avoid feeling the negative emotions because I was so afraid to feel them. Now, when I allow myself to feel whatever I feel in that moment, especially negative feelings, I notice that the negative feeling I have transform into positive without me doing anything at all, from feeling the pain, like fear, then the feeling moves towards feeling good without any effort. I am just wondering if you have some explanation how it happens.


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