It’s time to laugh again… plus here is a shortcut to raising your vibration: Unconditional Love Sleepy-time

Using your Sleepy Time to raise your vibration
Gonzo, the guru, offers advice on how to reach nirvana on your own without the expense of new age programs. Delightful.

Now, on a more serious note: one of my students that has been unwilling or unable to do what he needs to do, in terms of anything that needs courage or work… lol, has been looking for shortcuts.

Are there any shortcuts? Of course there are. Don’t be mistaken, what I teach is all shortcuts… compared to sitting on a hard floor for 20-30 years cross-legged and not accomplishing anything, not even one-point rise in your vibration, and 60-70 initial points of rise in a month… big shortcut.

But there are shortcuts and there are shortcuts, so he came up with an idea of using some of the activators as a sleepy-time audio, much like I used the free Holosync recording for years… it annoyed the hell out of me, but took my attention off the mind-stuff that normally, without the audio, kept me awake for hours.

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