What if you could be certain that you cannot fail? Certainty vs Faith, Knowing vs Believing

Certainty is perfect knowledge that has total security from error, or the mental state of being without doubt.

Objectively defined, certainty is total continuity and validity of all foundational inquiry, to the highest degree of precision. Something is certain only if no skepticism can occur.
Certainty is virtually unknown in today’s culture. We have “faith” but it is, in a way, a concept from religion, and therefore it says, secretly, in the unsaid, that you are small, and insignificant, powerless and frail… and the “thing” that is bigger than you can play with you like a cat plays with the mouse it caught.

Faith comes from weakness… at least for most people. But most importantly, faith comes from the mind. There are a few people that call it faith but it’s beyond, but not many.

Certainty comes from strength. Certainty comes from a part of you that wasn’t born when you were born and won’t die when you die. It comes from the Self, the immortal Self.

The question of needing something, faith, certainty, comes up when the future is uncertain, or when it looks really bad. When you don’t know where your rent money is going to come from, when you don’t know how you are going to beat the cancer that has taken residence in your body, when you don’t know how to talk to your child that stopped listening to you.

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