You feel out of whack. Raise your vibration to grow… as a person, financially, more joy, more fun, more love?

The key to growth is noticing… The key to raising your vibration is awareness
“Dear Astrology Guy: Please tell me why I have to work so hard — meditate, reflect, read, analyze, poke, prod, investigate — to discover truths about myself that must be obvious to others. Why is it so hard for me to see where I need healing and where I need to let go? Why is it such an ordeal to grasp what is interfering with my wholeness when I can quickly pinpoint what other people’s issues are? -Overworked Virgo.” Dear Overworked: I’m happy to report that you will soon be offered a gush of revelations about who you are, how you can heal, and what strategies will best serve your quest to minimize your anxiety. Are you prepared to absorb some intense teachings? For best results, make yourself extra receptive.
Now, if you are like me, you want to raise your vibration! You don’t want to wait for the “right alignment of the planets” to be able to heal, or minimize your anxiety, get guidance, etc. You want to do it now, if possible. You can if you concentrate on raising your vibration instead of all the details.

You want to take an active stance, an active position in the matter.

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