Playground: It is never too late to have a happy childhood… Turn around fast enough to catch your shadow

This article explains how come that you can only interact with Maya, which is “not that” in Sanskrit, i.e. not reality, illusion, shadow play, the hologram, etc. It is much less mystical than the Vedanta imagines it: it is quite simple and it’s explained in this article. Without the capacity that I speak about here, you are doomed to continue living in Maya for all your life. But in Maya, you are fighting with shadows, the shadows of reality, and fighting shadows you don’t have any power. So this article shows you the key to power, the key to effectively living your life, accomplishing what you came to accomplish and ultimately to fulfillment and satisfaction. Is that exciting enough for you?
How does your mind avoids transformation? It seems quite simple, but it is hard to get, because the mind doesn’t even allow you to see it once…

Only when you notice that you are not looking that you start looking. When someone else points it out, you clam up… and will NOT look…

So what do you actually do when I ask you to look? When I ask you to notice? When I want you to catch yourself?

Weird as it may sounds: you go, instantly, seamlessly, and unawares to the mind’s main function: meaning.

Anything that has meaning attached to it, i.e. it “means” something, is already one removed from observation.

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