What pulls you out of your equilibrium? What makes you so angry that you can’t control yourself?

One of my students has fits of anger. Her life is going from anger to anger, with no chance for a break.

I could be condescending, I could be unsympathetic, or helpful, compassionate, but I find it more beneficial for everyone involved, including you, if I share with you what I have done.

As a rule, I use my own life, my own experiences, as a laboratory, a test laboratory, to shed light to what happens to people when they are angry, resistant, unwilling, or any one of the frequent ways of being.

I don’t choose what to deal with, and I don’t choose when to deal with it. In real laboratories they need to create life-like circumstances, and 90% of research money is spent on creating that, and 90% of errors come from the same source.

Instead, I use MY life, my experiences, but I look at them through the eyes of a researcher, with the tools of a researcher.

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