How And Why Does The Soaring Method Work To Alter The Future And Raise Your Vibration?

The Soaring Method works. No doubt about it. But how and why?

These are the real questions.

There are two principles, unknown to the 99-percenters, that make it work.

You create your reality by looking at the world the same way as always, including yourself.When I compliment a student on something well done, I can hear (sense) that they are saying in their head: “If you only knew how I really am….”Who and how you think you really are makes the world a fixed place. That “who and how you really are” creates a baseline, the baseline of the thermostat: the temperature can drop a few degrees, go over a few degrees, but on the whole and on the long run it is pretty much exactly the baseline.So by repeating, aloud or in your head what you hold true about yourself is not just idle chatter: it is what creates reality.
When you locate yourself in your skin, or even more precisely in your mind, everything looks and sounds like a challenge, everything looks and feels like an attack on you.

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