Raise Your Vibration: New Call Schedule

Here are the changes:

1. We eliminate connection calls for now, and replace them with Connection Drill Calls.
it is free whether you are connected or not… and it’s about mastering your attention, your eyes, your muscle coordination, your will, your connection, feel that you are connected, connect and reconnect at will, step back… Drills. For 50 minutes. Free if you buy any of the beginner products, like the Unconditional Love Activator or the Video teaching how to muscle test yourself

Three calls a week
Saturdays 9 am, Sundays 9 pm, Wednesday 4 pm

If you have bought those products or as soon as you do, I’ll add you to the notification list. You’ll get an email about your webinar registration. You can come to any of those calls, it will be the same webinar link every time.

2. Moved around the Energy Healing Calls: new schedule: Wednesdays 3 pm, Saturdays 9 pm, Tuesdays 9 pm.

Energy Healing Calls are paid calls, $13.99 a week, and there is an option to pay per call, or pay for the same call each week… Check out the options.

You can’t start on this level, you need to learn to connect, although I am planning to make one of these calls available even if someone can’t connect, especially if you need serious and urgent healing.

The results have been staggering. The most amazing result we’ve had when the energy squeezed a large gallstone out of the gallbladder, and many years’ worth of pain and nausea disappeared in a 10 minute session. Amazing.

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