If you knew the rules of life, would you be doing the same?

If you go and search for the search term ‘rules of life’ you’ll see that everyone and their brother consider their rules THE RULES.

And you’ll notice that there are hardly any overlaps…
Does Life have any rules? Rules that would make a difference for you to know?
We were all born into a life that has been going on for a long time. None of us was handed a rule book or a manual.
We all made up a rule-book our own…
….independent from everyone and everything, and now we consider that our rule-book contains the right rules, and everyone should obey those rules we made up.

This distinction is probably the biggest accomplishment of the book ‘The Art of Hunting Humans’. When you get, truly get, that you have made all the rules up, and your rules are different from the rules other people made up, you suddenly understand why you are so annoyed with people. Why you think they are wrong, while you are right.

What no one seems to ask: are there rules that weren’t made up by people, and make living life easier. Rules that make becoming a producer and thus gaining fulfillment more attainable?

No one seems to ask this questions.

Some bible thumping people, if they are very smart, like Roy Williams, have gleaned some rules from Jesus… but very smart people are very rare. But even Roy Williams only sees some of the rules…
But the rest, the eight billion live entirely considering their rule book the valid book… and they are both unhappy and ineffective in life.
Today’s article could move you out of your dead-right position to where life could actually work.

I know you are not interested. You have an advisor that says: that is hogwash… Nobody should tell you what to do!!!!!

Some of you trust me enough to at least click on the link, and about half of them will read the article.

They are the ones who will have a chance at being happy and effective in life.

The difference between a 1000 and an eight billion: what you can learn and eventually master. Just please know: without mastery all that will not matter, just like all the campaigns you have had: they made absolutely no lasting difference.

Is it difficult? I think the difficulty comes from you believing that there is a you… and then there is the team. That the self you are could call the shot. That you can… and if you don’t: you relinquished your power… YOU. GAVE. IT. AWAY.
Now, what should you do now that you have read this article?
Well, the first place I would go is to your self-concern. Your precious I that you are trying to protect will not exist as soon as you get that you are not your behavior, not your savvy, not your anything: all of those YOU HAVE.

And if you are protecting your hand as if it were you, then don’t be surprised if life doesn’t work… But in essence that is what you have been doing. You have been protecting an aspect of you as if it were you.

So that is where I would go. Find exactly what aspect you are protecting, declare
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