Appearences are only skin deep: the truth is hidden deep under the surface

This is from the Kabbalah daily tuneup… very timely, given that we are dealing nowadays with pretenses, deception, lying, and all that fun stuff.
Clothes Do Not Make the Man

Wisdom comes to us clothed in illusion. If we want to be wise, then we must see into a situation. Just like we don’t judge a person only by what they’re wearing – or do we – we have to look at every little incident and ask why. Why did this good or bad thing happen? Why?

Sometimes we will not know what the reason is, but keep searching, because the clothes do not make the man. There’s always something underneath.
In raising your vibration, you are fighting a losing battle if you are trying to maintain a facade, if you are trying to bring people’s attention to your successes, and keep mum about your failures, shortcomings, and character defects.

There is no way you can raise your vibration if

Your actions are outward directed, if your attention is on the effect, instead on the action. Just like multi-tasking is an illusion, you can only have your attention at any one place at any one time. Why? Because the laws of physics is a law: your attention is physical, and it cannot be somewhere else if it is here… can it?When you multi-task, it is easier to see the ineffectiveness of the strategy: your intelligence is 50-70% reduced, and you either make mistakes or you never finish what you started.I once had a teacher who swore to multi-tasking. She was a self-diagnosed ADD, and she said that for ADD multi-tasking is heaven. Except… except that she is a veritable underachiever. For a guru, that is a very bad thing… but even for you, you’d hate to be called an underachiever, wouldn’t you?

So, when your attention is directed on the effects of your action, your power is not fully behind your actions, and you are weak, a limp d… as we say it in our courses.

One of my students admitted yesterday that she tries to do as little as she can and get the most. That is the path to diminishing returns: and her results show it. She is going backwards.
If you look at the world out there to give you guidance, or if you look into your mind to give you guidance to understand, accurately, what is going on, to understand the hidden motives of people, you are closed, you are poised to repeat past performance. If it was miserable, or poor, that is what you are going to repeat. If it was good, you’ll use actions that were appropriate then, but aren’t appropriate now, and you are going to fail, or at least not succeed to the degree you could.

Only when you hang back and approach incidents from your intelligence (which doesn’t live in your mind, by the way) that you will be able to see the big picture, the cause and effect, and act appropriately.

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