If you are not Jewish, can you learn receiving? aka Kabbalah

My article teaching the strategy of getting out of a deep ditch hit the spot for some people.

Here is one answer I got:
I found your article very helpful with the steps to get out of a catastrophe.  I am also beginning to see the original incident and how its been playing out.

Since the original incident I’ve wanted to be liked so badly that I could not say no to the salesperson – I did not want to make her mad at me. I wanted all the things she promised to happen so that others would like me too. And for some reason, because she said others were successful with the [product], I took it as a challenge in a way. In the original incident I must have said that they – my parents –  don’t like me. I am still looking. I don’t think I hit the sentence quite right – but it seems close.

Thank you for helping me. When I read it was the undertow – I knew I wasn’t crazy.

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