Happiness, Unhappiness…

Osho’s article will resonate with a view that is closest to the Western view: look at the positive. I actually think that the approach has been damaging, because it quietly, silently, makes wrong the aspect of things, the aspect of people that you don’t like, don’t approve, don’t accept, don’t want.

Simply says: it perpetuates the cause of your unhappiness and then it masks it with a pretense of happiness… a lie.

When you are told “I’ll teach you how to be happy” you expect to be taught tricks and stuff, and you will be cheated: because all the doing won’t do a thing, will just make you a pretender. And although others may not know, you, deep inside, will know that you are more unhappy than you were before.

You could read Osho by fully embracing that he says yes to both sides, what you like and what you don’t like. Both are there.

The approach we take in the Happiness Coaching program, and even stronger in the Playground, that most of what you don’t like is not even real. You made it up, from the limited perspective of a child, and now you are stuck with it, unless you slowly and somewhat painfully get to seeing the truth.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off…

The operative word is “first”.

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