Express Yourself: Am I a self-promoting marketer pretending to be superior to all?

A reader from California writes:
The way you shamelessly steal from Landmark (Education) on one day and than use Landmark as a platform to show how superior you are to Landmark another day is just amazing.

You are nothing but a desperate telemarketer trying to grab the market any way she can.

With your approach you will never be trusted by anyone and only a few lonely similar disenchanted and isolated persons will give you their $ and the time of day. Anyone else can see the approach you are using is dangerous, self serving and dishonest and wisely will keep you at the greatest possible distance.

OK, this person, so far, has written this kind of email to me about 20 times… most worse than this.

Question: do you agree with his evaluation of me and my work?

Am I a desperate telemarketer trying to climb up on the dead bodies of people, companies, or methods I write about?

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