What is the Playground coaching program? Why is it special? It is really a mastery course

The Playground is a one of a kind program, the like of which I have never experienced. We should call it Mastery Course…

We have seen that the main issue that holds humans back from becoming Human Beings is delusions.

Delusion is misjudging what is real and what is not.

Unless you know what is real, all your actions are going to be misdirected, and it’s a miracle if anything every get done well around you, if you ever go to places.

Although the level of delusions becomes less as your vibration rises, the cause and effect relationship is reverse: as you see delusions for what they are, and reality for what it is, your vibration can begin to rise, and rise and rise.

In the Playground you get to practice telling apart reality and delusion, under strict guidance. The only rule for the program is to listen to the guidance. I will create as many displays of the ways to tell those two apart: reality and illusion, so is becomes easier and easier.


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