A Personal Confession From Sophie: I Am In This With You… We Are In This Together!

A personal confession from Sophie: I am in this with you… we are in this together!

I’ve been happy for no reason for a few days now. I have the glow about me that I can only compare to the glow of people being in love. I even caught myself wanting to call a person that I normally get irritated by… and ask them out for coffee… No reason, just because I am so happy.

Most “gurus” aka teachers teach from their head.

I have an ex-teacher of mine who teaches internet marketing. They have a whole system. Their students pay over six thousand dollars a year to learn their system.

They have no successful students. Not one. Why? because they don’t teach what they do. In fact they don’t do any of the things they teach. None of the things that make them money are even remotely related to what they teach. None of the mindset stuff they teach actually does…

They hope that what they teach will work some day.

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