How To Be A Sacred Lotus: Stay On The Path And Are Happy?

How to be a sacred Lotus, untouched by the rain, the suffering of others, the noise of others: what’s the secret of people that stay on the path and are happy?

What is the reason you are pulled into everything, that you are trying to help everyone, that you are a do-gooder?

I could have written this article about argumentative people, self-justifying people, people asking everyone to help them, angry people, etc. I just chose to write about do-gooders because it looks good… to you, but it kills you and your life exactly as all the other ways… OK?

When I ask people why they go out of their way to help people, they always have an answer. “I am good, I like people, I like to help.”

But the truth is deeper and uglier than that.

Selfless means just that. You have no self. You have no center. You are empty inside. You have no home to come home to.


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