What if you only have 7 capacities? Or 8… or even 9?

The currency of life are capacities and distinctions.
The less capacities you have the closer you are to the bottom.

What? The bottom of what?

The bottom of the power pyramid. Where personal power, personal authority is the currency.

Asking what those capacities are, those seven is a little dumb, but just think about it.

So what does everyone who went to school has to have as capacity? Reading, using language, i.e. writing and speaking, adding and subtracting numbers, recognizing faces, smells, sounds, telling the time, basic stuff.

You may be able to cook.
You may be able to clean.
And of course, you may be able drive…

But these are not really capacities: they use capacities, but they are complex activities. Not VERY complex, and yet, complex nevertheless.

If you look, parents who take their children to play soccer or sports strengthen the base capacities, but don’t add any new capacities. Especially if the parent chauffeurs the child to those activities.

On the other hand intelligent parents enroll their children in extracurricular activities, activities that activate capacities beyond the base capacities.

Spiritual capacities… DNA capacities. They are beyond those base 7-8-9.

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