Passivity… the worst plague in the history of humans

Today’s human’s biggest issue is passivity.

A normal 98% human lives their life like the vagrants in the famous Samuel Beckett’s nihilist play: Samuel Beckett: Waiting For Godot.

If you have never seen it: it’s an empty stage signifying an abandoned filthy littered lot in the middle of nowhere.

Our vagrants talk about nothing for the entire length of the play, while waiting for a guy named Godot.

In the end we find out that Godot never goes that way. So why are they waiting for him there? Because they can wait there… everywhere else they would not be welcome.

Beckett and his anti-heroes are exactly describing the current state of humanity: do what you can where you can, talk about nothing, and wait for something. Never cause anything.

On the surface this is not a bad life, but if you look how it looks and how it feels, it is the underlying cause of depression, melancholy, lifelessness. Walking dead… zombie…

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