Power tools: Human Evolution is powered by hate

Power tools: Human Evolution is powered by hate

I searched google to see what others have to say. But every article, every site only talked about the physical evolution, and none talked about the inner evolution: where humans conquer their animal nature and truly become human.

And the sites, books, etc. that talked about spiritual evolution, all touted love as the strongest energy to cause it. But love is only available AFTER a considerable level of spiritual evolution is achieved. Until that point what we call love is craving, lust, urge, but not love.

Whereas hate is readily available. Not hate of another. Not hate of another human, or group. No. Hate of not being enough. Hate of stupidity, bad feelings, misery.

If you are in the habit of ameliorating, avoiding, etc. misery, like Freud says in his famous essays,  Civilization and its discontent.
The life imposed on us is too hard for us to bear: it brings too much pain, too many disappointments, too many insoluble problems. If we are to endure it, we cannot do without palliative measures. … Of such measures there are perhaps three kinds:

powerful distractions, which cause us to make light of our misery,
substitutive satisfactions, which diminish it, and
intoxicants, which anaesthetize us to it.

To cause self-evolution on the personal level, power tools are needed…
…not the tools Freud says we are already using. What is currently offered in the marketplace is weak, ineffective, and at best consolation.

I have found, and I had 37 years to look, test, evaluate, that a power tool only qualifies to be called a power tool if it can be used out of the box. It needs to be learned… and maybe other things unlearned…

And it needs to be able to raise a person’s quality of life (and consciousness)  by at least 10%. Although I saw, in yesterday’s Moneyroots, that a simple tool well chosen, can increase that quality of life by 50% if learned correctly and used diligently enough.
Here are the power tools that I teach.
Are there, could there be more? Muscletest says: no.

Tools where a myth needs to be corrected before it is a tool:

wrong… from IS
because… be cause

Tool that is visualizing a situation: hitting bottom
Tool where the power source is regret/hate

To my utter surprise, possibility, purpose, meaning, everything Landmark Education teaches don’t qualify as a power tool… why? because they are positive thinking weak energies. Because a possibility’s shelf life is short… and unless a person has lots of support, the possibility disappears.

Whereas hate requires no words… it is there whether you want it or not.
Evolution Is Powered By Hate
Of course in order to be able to see what drives personal growth, personal evolution, one needs to be able to stand to the side… and look from there.

Helen Keller, a proponent of looking into the future, looking into the light, and not looking into the d
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