Spiritual? Religious? Atheist?

It is undeniable that there is more to reality than what you can see with your eyes. The below the water level stuff… or behind the curtain type of stuff… mostly about the invisible dynamics, the invisible motive powers of people, and maybe even stuff.

I grew up atheist, a Marxist, and a seriously anti-religious child. Most of that wasn’t from my parents, I don’t ever remember them talking about any of that among themselves: they almost never talked to me about anything.

I never thought there were monsters under the bed, or that the Easter Bunny filled the boots in the windows (we are talking about Hungarian customs, don’t get confused!) or any other superstition. I was free to observe… unimpeded, unhindered, unguided by others’ imagination and fantasies, like religion.

I knew there were at least two layers to every human: what they showed and what was inside…

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