Turning Points Part 2: commit to life

Turning Points Part 2

In the movie, The Piano, there seem to be several turning points. The main character (Helen Hunt) is married off to New Zealand. She falls in love with a laborer. Seeming turning points.

Why are these not real turning points?

We will only be dealing with created, conscious, turning points, not when life changes or we change, but it’s not conscious. These are moments when we are unusually strongly connected to Life, and thus can cause our lives to turn instead of continuing down the same unproductive path.

The real turning point, in the movie, happens on the way back to the States: Helen Hunt’s character decides to end her life. She, unbeknownst to others, ties her ankle to her beloved piano. Half way to the ship (I think) she orders the men to throw the piano overboard. They comply and the heavy piano pulls Helen Hunt’s character to the depth of the ocean.

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