When did this begin that today 91% of people are judgmental?

In the land of Israel 2000 years ago only 10% of people were wholly judgmental…

It isn’t the Bible, it is what the church says, right and wrong, is that encourages you to judge.

Judging something or someone wrong causes an immediate reduction of tension.

Tension between high emotion and the resting, neutral emotional state.

It’s the law of thermodynamics (Physics anyone? First law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of conservation of energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be changed from one form to another.). Heat moves to cool. A ball that you throw up returns to the surface of the Earth, often through your hands.
If you can’t bear the tension, if you are a pansy, you judge. But either way, the emotion needs to come back to neutral.
There is a species of birds that have to come down, right after birth, from a pinnacle they nest on to a ravine where their food is… sounds weird but that is what the members of this species, arctic barnacle geese have to do to survive. The little chicks, covered with soft feathers, need to fall off the height, hitting every rock… and most of them ends up fine… some die. But the ones that live will live.

Here is the video:

I don’t judge. Instead I opinionate. I assess. They are not the same.

Judging happens in the black and white paradigm.
Opinionating/assessing happens in the extrinsic paradigm where things have more facets that just right and wrong.

Here is a judgment about someone killing another with one hit: ‘that is wrong!’

Here is an opinion about the same thing: ‘huh, that hit was disproportionate to the offense!’ Watch the new facet!

Interestingly, my judging students cannot hear, cannot see the difference. So judging is not only in the speaking, judging is also in the listening. It is the paradigm, not just an isolated action. They hear wrong in everything… and even the details also mean to them wrong, wrong wrong.
The 3 paradigms of value
Because I live in the higher paradigms, extrinsic and intrinsic where you can feel, I HAVE TO FEEL what a human is designed to feel when I look at something violent, or unfair, or nasty, or treasonous happening. And feeling those feelings creates tension… like a ball that is thrown up high in the air.

For a while I hold the tension. But when the tension becomes too strong to contain, I sob. I sob for a few seconds, a few minutes. I feel the pain, I feel the sadness, I feel the grief. And I feel the shame, the regret, the anger… whatever feeling the incident makes me feel.
One of my students doesn’t judge, but has too low TLB… so she chooses to leak, chooses to reduce the tension in other ways, like marijuana.
That tension, by the way, is similar to creative tension. So if you cannot take one, you also cannot take the other.

And if you can’t take the creative tension, you’ll be stuck at the bottom of the totem
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