Do I judge the people I write about? Gurus, healers, teachers and such?

Making something wrong vs distinguishing what is so

Judging, the word, the activity, implies that there is a right and there is a wrong. There isn’t… so when you are judging, you are already involved in what we call “the Dark Side”…

I get emails from quite a few people that say that I am an angry, that I am a low vibration person because I write about people and their actions saying that they are low vibration, or whatever they say… just read my vibrational reviews.

What is missing for these people is the distinction above: being able to tell is something is a make-wrong statement or if something is a what is so statement. If something is a judgment or if something is a matter of fact of stating the facts I can glean from what I see.

One of my students has a son who is a bed-wetter. I used to be a bed-wetter, so I know a whole lot about the inner world of a bed-wetter.

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