Mastery? Nobody got time for dat! the 8 billion’s attitude

This article will be about mastery… and the path to it…

Mastery is a missing distinction… as if really ‘aint nobody got time for that’. It is so missing that people don’t even hear me saying it. It is up with the idea of distinction… nobody hears that either.

But why are people not hearing me? So this article is going on a hunt, hunt not for Red October, but for the stuff that blocks even hearing… Ready? Let’s go.

Here is a ‘podcast’ I did back in 2018 right after I broke my left wrist…

Two years ago I took on going for mastery in writing articles. I spent a few thousand dollars on all kinds of training. Courses, books, newsletters. A few days ago I had to ponder if I was boring people. I wrote about it…

I got an email next morning from Hawaii.
Mahalo.. yes receiving them [your emails]… ??????
I am sure they are not boring.. you have great intelligence so [you] think and say stuff people aren’t open yet to …
I look forward to reading your articles.
She is pointing to a possible reason I sound boring to people. Or why people don’t hear a word I say. Why they ignore what I say.

One of my most visited articles is about speaking butterfly language AT caterpillars.

I am not sure who reads that article. Whether it is the self-appointed butterflies, or the caterpillars…

Often the people with the golden tongue are dabblers too. Dabblers, because they think they have achieved the peak. So they stopped climbing.
There is something beautiful that very few people ever experience. And that is mastery.
Mastering something. Consciously… not by accident.

I have had that experience, getting to mastery, with a number of things, and I am experiencing the lack of it in many more areas.

I know the difference, so I strive for mastery.

Sometimes I don’t know if it is available, and yet I am going for it.

Pit that against every single person I encounter: they just do things. Maybe even get things done. And they move to the next thing with their eyes on whatever…

You could call it perfectionism, but it’s not that.

Mastery is a process, and therefore you can always be measured on that scale wherever you are.
Perfectionism is a black and white, pregnant not pregnant thing… a thing is either perfect or not perfect. No scale.

You can get to mastery in anything life related. I endeavor mastering a lot of things… even though I am a shut-in. And I don’t leave the house any further than about a hundred yards in each direction. I am old and weak…

And I don’t have a car. Or a bicycle… lol.
When I had a car I didn’t even have thoughts of mastery… I was more like a dabbler, moving from things to things.
Why? What does a car have to do with mastery or the lack of pursuit of it?

This morning I suddenly saw that for mastery you have to have a vision. You have to have patience. You have
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