Inner Paths: Basic Exercises that are mandatory

Basic exercises

These practices have a general mental health significance. They are especially suitable for settling an emotionally disturbed state of mind, which is extreme mood swings, irritability, periodic depression, and it manifests itself in the symptoms of disintegration of the daily rhythm of life, haste, hurry and lack of focus.

We must emphasize that with the help of the exercises a symptomatic result can be achieved, therefore, the causes that create a troubled state of mind do not disappear.

The harassment elimination of creating and maintaining causes is only exploratory psychotherapy or as it can be realized during the journey of introspective self-knowledge to be described later.

This often leads to a change in the entire way of life. The maximum result of exercises can be that the person increases tolerance and resistance to the everyday stresses of life. Therefore, it is primarily psychological instability caused by external life circumstances suitable for termination. In addition, however, it is not to be underestimated nor should be their developmental effect.

The basic exercises are also suitable for maintaining mental balance and they very sensitively indicate when the established balance is in danger of being disrupted.
These simple, few-minute exercises cover  five important areas of the spiritual life affect:

Focusing of thinking;
Development of the will;
Self-control in the expression of emotions and moods;
Attitude towards positives;
Impartiality of judgment and the ability to change perspectives for the sake of objectivity.

The exercises are structurally related, they help and control each other. Therefore it is not right to single out one of them and do only those. There are two conditions for achieving a suitable result.

One is the prescribed cyclical one compliance with shifts.
The other is consistent regularity, over a longer period of time across.

There is no point in rhapsodizing about these exercises so we only do haphazardly, some days we do, other days we forget about them.

All the irregularity, as well as starting and then stopping the exercises can also have a negative effect on our psychological stability. That’s why it’s only worth getting involved if you can commit to doing it, consistently for at least six months.

Let’s do these exercises that don’t take more than five minutes a day on average.

At that time, we will definitely experience their intense positive effects. In fact, it would be desirable if the five basic exercises were incorporated into our everyday life, and it would become a constantly recurring activity like keeping our body clean.

To develop the effect of the basic exercises Рas we will experience ­two phases are characteristic. Accordingly, the function and meaning of the exercises are twofold.
First phase
The period of learning the exercises until we get to the point where we can execute all of them flawlessly.

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