Energizing The Planet

Goal: energize all the waters of the Planet by March 23.

Process: I connect to Source, make sure Source knows the area and knows what it is asked to do. Download the Heaven on Earth Energy Bundle (all the 38 Bach Flower Energies, the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) and the Energizer (the energizer works through restoring the spin of the water molecules to the state they were before the Great Flood of Noah). Witness the download. Check if it worked.


2/22/2012 The project started with the energizing of Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY.The lake vibrated at 120 at the start. I downloaded the Heaven on Earth energy bundle and the Energizer. The vibration quickly rose to 400. Then a big snow storm came and it lowered the lake’s vibration to 300. The snow vibrated at 100. That is the vibration of the water that is contained in plants we eat… really bad news. Vegetarians vibrate lower than meat eaters…
3/5/2012 ground waters of Upstate NY (everything other than NYC and its immediate environment)
3/6/2012 lakes in Upstate NY
3/7/2012 The Great Lakes
3/8/2012 Serbia in Europe
3/10/2012 Alabama
3/12/2012 The entire Continental United States is done.

Some notes: Source first infuses the ground waters, then the lakes, rivers, etc., then the snow, rain, rainwater in cracks, etc.
There is no sense in fighting the big food manufacturers and Monsanto. The only effective action is to NOT USE THEM! The movie I had posted… of www.freshthemovie.com/watch-fresh/more-trailers/ shows the path, and I believe that with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle infused in the waters of the Planet and the Energizer, people (farmers, shoppers) will have enough courage to say no to enslavement by these mega powerful trendsetters that destroy life and life on the Planet.
I believe that without energetic support in the water people are too weak, dumb, blind, and hapless even to recognize their best interest, let alone standing up for it. Without energy I don’t see how I can expect you to show and demonstrate courage and intelligence.
The energy of the water, even after the water companies abuse it, will be energy giving. Currently the more water you drink the more you are depleted. This includes bottled water as well.
By March 23 the whole planet will be energized through the water. Your area will come soon enough. Correction: it doesn’t look good: I won’t be able to finish it by March 23. New estimate: it will be done when it will be done… lol. Sorry, it’s not my schedule, it’s Source’s schedule.

March 13: Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland done
March 15: Japan (waters start at 90) done
March 15: Indonesia and Singapore done
March 15: Australia done (waters started at 100)
March 16: Central America, all the little islands between Florida and South America, and the Gulf of Mexico done
March 21: South America and Africa with all the islands around them done
March 21: Scandinavia-done, Western Europe-done,
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