Learn To Connect To Source

Webinars are FREE. Webinar schedule:

Wednesday 4 pm EDT
Saturday 9 am EDT
Saturday 9 pm EDT
Sunday 9 pm EDT (attention calisthenics)

Once you learned to connect you can also come to a Tuesday/Sunday 9 pm and Wednesday 2:30 pm EDT webinar (Healing Meditation)

EDT is New York Daylight Savings Time

Find the times in your time zone

Description: On each call I tell you exactly what to do, show you on the screen what it looks like, and check empathically (distance) and individually what you are doing to check any mistakes you make make. Then I muscle test if you are connected.

Once everybody on the call is connected I give you some energies, mostly the Heaven on Earth, the Energizer, and then we do some work with the soul, the ego, learn how to get their support and cooperation for a great life.

The webinars are 60 minutes long. You need to be on time, or you will be dismissed. On time means on time. Best to be early. The webinar software takes time to download, on most computers it takes 10 minutes. It is best to restart your computer, or at least your browser: the webinar software is known to crash your browser, and then you will be late!

My style is somewhat the style of a drill sergeant. It is my style. If you don’t like it, don’t come. You’ll hate me.

Here is the link to register in the live webinar. One registration registers you into all the webinars.

There are many recordings in the members area once you register to the webinar. Watch them and get prepared
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