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There can be many reasons you have a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep. But no matter what the reason, the emotional component, your reaction of not being able to sleep, is in common.

And this remedy rescues your sleep. It works on 40 different emotional reactions, including fear, worry, anger, impatience, 40 in all.

Even though it works fast, the best way to take it is to take it throughout the day. It’s not addictive, and it won’t slow you down. Its effect is not chemical, its effect is energetic.

So it is not your usual “take it before you go to bed” type or solution.

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Learn more about the New Healing Modality
Summary: New Healing Modality, the turning of subtle energies of plants into downloadable, infusible energies is a new modality. The 40 energies of the Heaven on Earth, the 40 Bach Energies don’t interfere with each other, unlike their original, the Bach Flower Remedies, where if you included more than 8 remedies in a mix, your results started to diminish.

The 40 energies in this remedy are the following:
Fake cheerfulness

This essence brings about emotional honesty with the self. By acknowledging and transforming deeply rooted emotional pain, one working with agrimony can come to radiate peace as a reality — not just a mask of polite good cheer.
Vague anxiety

This essence relieves fear or anxiety about the unknown. It is especially effective for highly intuitive individuals and helps them integrate messages from the spiritual world. Thus, the individual becomes consciously empowered to act with great inner knowledge and perceptive awareness — a positive step for us all.

This essence deals with relationships with others, specifically acceptance of others’ differences and imperfections. This can be helpful for individuals who have grown up with criticism and high expectation. Outwardly judgmental attitudes of intolerance reflect hypersensitivity to personal, social, and physical environments. Beech essence helps people learn to cope with their underlying sensitivity and encourages tolerance, so that one may see the good within each person.
Over-anxious to serve

This essence is all about establishing boundaries. Centaury helps one strengthen and radiate an inner sense of self so that he or she knows when to give and when enough is enough. Givers and nurturers can end up feeling depleted and resentful when they rely on pleasing others to receive self-validation. Centaury gives strength and integrity to such personalities, helping them to assume greater self-awareness, self-responsibility, and the inner strength to say “no” when appropriate.

This essence encourages self-exploration to establish highly attuned intuition and self-knowing. While seeking advice from others can be very useful, ultimately, each person is
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