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History of this type of activators: One time, during a connection call, I experimented moving the Self with my attention to different parts of the body… and then we connected that Self with Source where it was moved to.

The result was mind blowing: the Self opened up a vortex and grew in size and connected the Self and Source. Observe: Self with capital S.

I managed to repeat and record this connection at will, this energy, and have been able to ask for different aspects in addition to that amazing vortex.

I call these audios Avatar State Audios… from the Nickelodeon animated movies, Avatar, The Last Airbender, and The Legends of Korra… excellent movies. The avatar can enter into Avatar State where they can use all four elements at the same time, air, water, fire and rock.
How do they work?
These audios work in a co-creative way: they provide the harmonious energy of the Original Design that is at odds with who you are today. You provide the awareness, the conscious alert awareness and the willingness to let go of the persona you have created as a reaction to a perceived wrong. Hard work, but if you are willing, it will do exactly what I promise it will do.
The Avatar State is a transformative process. But the fact is, that no one can cause transformation for you, only you can do it for yourself. I provide the energy, you provide the rest. Depending on you your willingness, intelligence, powers of observation, previously learned distinction, you can raise your vibration to different levels… so don’t expect to be taken to genius level if you have had low grades, no education, no success anywhere… what you bring to the “deal” is poor, meager, not much. But if you have had a good track record, you can be taken to the sky… like I have.

Abundance Activator
Get into action Activator
Put all power in all actions Activator
Discern, distinguish, be astute: From misery to reality
Awakening Activator
Big Picture Activator
Brilliance at Will
Certainty Activator
Commitment and Consistency
Don’t Be Driftwood Activator
Forget Thyself
Harmonizer: Harmonize your vibration
Nothing wrong, nothing to fix Activator
Get into the present moment Activator
Find your priorities Activator
Cure Procrastination Activator
Find your real self
Responsibility… own what owns you… Be cause Activator
Be Self directed Activator
Self Discipline Activator
Serenity Activator
Unconditional Love Activator
Willingness Activator
Winning and keeping love Activator
NEW: Curiosity… get out of your own mind and bring curiosity and wonder to your world
NEW: Interested… take your attention off yourself and give it to who you are talking to… you may start hearing what they are saying, or hearing how what you said lands… or not
NEW: Surrender. Surrender to what you decided to do. Surrender to Life. Surrender
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