Without integrity nothing works…

I know you can’t feel anything, you have told me enough times. But if you considered that it isn’t true, that you feel, but aren’t conscious of it, that you suppress your feelings because they are unpleasant, then you could glean powerful guidance by your unpleasant feelings, if you could make yourself start to feel them.

Today I’d like to talk about the feelings that are like a ding, diiing, diiiing or a squeeze, squeeeeze, sqeeeeeeeeze. Don’t laugh, it is really difficult to create written symbols for feelings, music would be much better… but this should do. The feeling comes on sharply, and then it becomes dull, and duller…

You either feel it in your heart (that is where I feel it) or in your stomach. And yet other people feel it in the tightening of their throat. These are the three categories that I have distinguished, but it could be that you actually physically trip, feel weakness, or nausea.

We are going to hunt for feelings, but first we need to recognize them, so we’ll do an experiment first.

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